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Experience more with your education.

What can you study with your chosen online education provider?

Undergraduate Degrees


Foundation Courses


Short Courses

Top-up Degrees

Your online course can be from any University or College, as well as being of any length. If your course is online, you are welcome to bring your studies with you and join us as we study and travel around the world!

You have the freedom to join Global Grad for just one semester or anything ranging up to the full duration of your studies.

Online learning

Online learning has never been easier, you can choose the speed that you want to study as well as where you want to study. All you need is your laptop and some good WiFi!

Many top online universities and colleges have courses that are unconditional based on your predicted grades.

Don’t forget that you could be eligible for a student loan to pay for your online course fees.

Already at Uni?

Are you currently studying at a traditional university or college but want to join Global Grad? No problem! It is recommended you see if your current place of education provides online courses.

If not, current course could be transferred to an online course enabling you to take it around the world with us.

The study portal is an excellent search engine where you can explore the wide range of interesting online courses available from Universities and Colleges, both in the UK and around the world.

Unsure what course to study? Try the study portal online checker, or get in touch with our team; we are happy to give you advice in finding the perfect course for you.  But for Global Grad, your course will need to be fully online rather than blended learning

Check out The Open University: it is the largest and best-known online University with over 2 million students worldwide having studied through their award-winning courses.

and we’re here to help …

Global Grad Study Hubs

On a typical semester you will spend 4-5 weeks in each of our three study hub locations.

We provide inspiring and motivating study areas with high speed WiFi, 24-hour access and all the study facilities you need.

Study Breaks

Study breaks are an opportunity for you to continue to widen your knowledge of the world. We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the world, its people and cultures by getting involved in anything from volunteering, learning a new language, networking or trying out a new activity.

The list goes on and is only limited by your imagination. You will develop new skills, learn from a variety of new experiences and become a global citizen.

Get your qualification and a new global perspective.