Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Grad?

Global Grad is an innovative alternative to traditional university which enables students to travel the world while gaining an online qualification of their choice. This could be a degree, diploma or postgraduate qualification or even a short course. Students can join Global Grad for just one semester or for the whole duration of their online course. It is a very flexible programme and one which brings a community of like-minded people together.

What do I need to do to join the Global Grad Programme and become a Global Grad Student?

Everyone over 18 is welcome to join Global Grad regardless of age and nationality. Our students come from all over the world. The only requirement is that you need to be enrolled on some form of online learning before departing for your first semester. We can help you find suitable courses, but it is your responsibility to enrol with your chosen University or college. The study portal is an excellent search engine where you can explore the wide range of interesting online courses available from Universities and Colleges, both in the UK and around the world.

Once you have registered your interest via our website and have found your online learning, we will ask you for further details. At that point you can reserve your place on your first semester with a £50 deposit.

You will then need to book your flights through our travel partner STA Travel. They will also help you with visa requirements, insurance and vaccinations.

I’m currently at a University; can I still join?

Students already studying on a University campus can research if there are any options to transfer their current course to an online course; even if for just one semester. If so; they are welcome to join us.

Some Universities offer blended learning which balances online and face to face study. Depending on the course, this option may fit in with our semesters.

If these options are not available your course may be transferrable to another University that offers online courses. Credit may be given for prior studies.

Do I need a passport and visas?

Yes; your passport needs to be valid for six months beyond the end of the semester in which you enrol, so please check your passport expiry date. If you do not already hold a passport, you will need to apply for one.

Visa requirements vary depending on the countries included on your chosen semester. Our travel partner STA can help you arrange appropriate visas.

Can I work whilst I travel?

Because Global Grad students will not be on working visas, they cannot take up part-time work whilst on their Travels. Our study hubs are often placed in low-cost locations, therefore any work taken up will not be paid a wage which would make a difference to your living standards.

There will be so much to do and see, would you really want to be working?

Occasionally some of our students will be involved in online enterprises such as language teaching for which a working visa is not required. Any such activities are the responsibility of the student and we suggest that you prioritise your studies over any online enterprises.

What online subjects and courses can I study?

Online courses are provided by a range Universities and Colleges, which offer a wide variety of subjects at all levels, from which you can choose. You can also study a short or free course as part of your Global Grad experience.

Many of our students study with Arden University or the Open University which are specialist online providers; however, individual universities worldwide also provide online courses. The Study Portal is an excellent search engine where you can explore the wide range of interesting and accredited online courses available from Universities and Colleges, both in the UK and around the world.

I have deferred my University Place Until September 2019 – Can I participate In Global Grad as part of my gap year?

Yes; provided you are studying an online course you can choose to join us on our South-East Asia Semester in January 2019 and take advantage of our structured travel and study experience. Take the opportunity to broaden your knowledge in an area that interests you.

I’m not ready to commit to studying for an online Degree or Master’s qualification. Where can I find information on shorter courses?

The Study Portal provides links to short courses. These can be refined by subject/cost etc.

The Open University has a range of science based short courses on topics ranging from ‘The Frozen Planet’ and ‘Living Without Oil’, to ‘Sport; The Science Behind Medals’. These all require 100 hours of study over 6 months.

Do I have to commit to Global Grad for 3 years?

No! Unlike traditional university, online degrees have great flexibility. You can study with us overseas for the whole duration of your online course, or you can simply book a semester at a time. The world is your oyster, it is entirely up to you how and where you spend the next chapter of your life. We make it easy for you!

How many study locations will there be for me to choose from?

Our first semester starts in January 2019, studying at our study hubs in Chiang Mai (Thailand), Da Nang (Vietnam), and Singapore. Each group will experience a guided road trip between locations which encompasses ‘must see’ sights and experiences.

Our second semester; available from September 2019; will involve studying at our European hubs in Prague (Czech Republic), Lisbon (Portugal) and Zagreb (Croatia), and interrailing between locations.

From 2020 we will be launching new locations in Australia, North and South America and Africa to ensure that students studying three-year courses have new locations to visit for each semester.

If, however, you wish to spend more than one semester in a favourite location, you are welcome to do so – the choice is yours!

Can I go back to locations that I have already visited?

Yes, the choice is yours – subject to availability.

You may wish to spend your final semester in a location where you know that you can add extra focus to your studies as you prepare for final exams. Similarly, if you are a languages student, you may wish to spend a longer period in the area where the language you are studying is spoken.

Some students may simply have a favourite location; however, it is important to remember that the Global Grad experience is all about travelling the world as you complete your studies!

How long is a Global Grad semester?

A January semester is typically 18-weeks long, and a September semester is typically 16-weeks long. You can join us for just one or for both! Contact us for our detailed itinerary!

Does Global Grad provide online courses?

We do not provide online courses ourselves; these are provided by a range Universities and Colleges, which offer a wide variety of courses from which you can choose. The Study Portal is an excellent search engine where you can explore the wide range of interesting and accredited online courses available from Universities and Colleges, both in the UK and around the world.

Will my online degree be as valued by future employers as a traditional University degree?

The content of the modules in online courses are just as challenging as those found within a traditional University degree. Most established Universities are developing their range of accredited online degrees. This is vastly expanding the range of courses available to students.

Alongside the Academic element, Global Grad Students will develop a huge range of transferable skills which will be invaluable in the workplace. These include self-motivation, time management, organisational skills and commitment. In addition, the experience of travelling and interacting with both other students and local communities will enhance the attractiveness of your CV to employers who now look for more than simply the ability to complete a course.

Are online courses accredited?

Yes; there are thousands of accredited courses available online from the world’s top Universities. You can also transfer from your current University to distance studies and join us as we travel the world. Check the Study Portal to research the wide range of interesting online courses you could study. Details of accreditation are available for individual courses.

Do I get any face-to-face mentoring from my tutors?

All courses will have a tutor who will support you throughout your course. Alongside this, each university will have its own mentoring support; this is usually via online tutorials, skype, or email.

Depending on your choice of course, you may get some face to face tutorial in the UK before the formal commencement of your first semester.

Our study hubs are fully equipped with the technology to support all types of online mentoring.

Do I get a qualification from Global Grad when I finish my last semester?

In addition to the qualification you will receive from your online University or college, we will give you a reference with the Global Grad stamp.

This will explain to future employers, the transferable skills and aspects of personal development which you will have acquired during your Global Grad experience.

You will also have a new-found confidence when sat in front of a future employer or when approaching a potential investor if you are planning to start your own company.

Does Global Grad provide the overseas accommodation?

We provide all accommodation for the duration of the semester. This including the road trips between locations. All accommodation costs are included in the Global Grad fees and you can choose to stay in a dormitory, or upgrade to a private room.

What pastoral care is there to support students?

The isolation which some students may feel in large traditional universities is something which our more structured approach aims to avoid. The individual welfare of each student will be of the highest importance to our staff and the Global Grad team are very aware that some first-year students will need more support than others. The comparatively small numbers of students in each cohort and the well-trained staff in each study hub location will enable support and guidance to be given to each student on a personal basis.

Is it easy for me to stay in contact with family and friends back home?

Yes, very easy! Students will be able to communicate with friends and family at home through our high-speed WIFI. Download WhatsApp, Skype, Viber etc.

Family and friends back home can stay connected with Global Grad through our social media sites – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and website blogs. Mail can be sent to students addressed to our study hubs and our Global grad location managers are contactable within their normal working day.

Can my family and friends visit me in the study hub locations?

Yes! Invite your friends and family to be part of your Global Grad experience.

They can arrange their travels to fit around your studies enabling you to join them! There are many organised travel experiences in and around the areas in which our students are based. Our location managers can book family and friends onto these and advise them on ‘must see’ sights and experiences.

Travelling enriches your life so encourage your family and friends to be part of your adventure!

Does Participation in Global Grad qualify for a Student Loan?

Your online course fees may qualify for a student loan. The amount will depend on personal circumstances and the course chosen. More details are available on the Government website

Unfortunately, accommodation doesn’t qualify for Student Loans when enrolling on online courses, however, the cost of accommodation in most of our locations is significantly less than you will pay in the UK as you will only pay for the days that you use it rather than having to sign up for a full year.

Why are traditional University degrees so much more expensive than online degrees?

Traditional Universities invest large amounts of their student fee income into building and maintaining their campus buildings. Whilst these are used by a proportion of students, many courses and students rarely use these facilities, despite all students being charged the same £9,250 fees. Online Universities don’t carry these costs and can therefore focus on the educational quality of their courses, delivering them at a much lower cost for students.

The cost of your degree course will depend upon your choice of University and course, but is likely to be around half the cost of studying at a traditional UK University.

How do total costs compare to the cost of attending a traditional UK University?

Online diplomas, foundation courses, degrees, masters etc vary in price depending on the University or College delivering the course. They can be up to half the price of a traditional UK university degree. The cost of each Global Grad semester will vary depending on the location. For example, Australia and New Zealand will have higher living costs than South East Asia. However, because of lower University fees and the fact that you only pay for accommodation when you use it; the overall cost will be lower than a traditional UK University wherever you choose to study.

Example costs:

Newcastle University BA (Hons) Economics and Business Management


Online study with The Open University + Global Grad experience BA (Hons) Economics and Business Management


Two semesters in Newcastle


Two semesters in South-East Asia


University fees: £9,250


University fees: £5,850


Accommodation in halls: £5,500


Global Grad fees including all accommodation, road trips / interrailing and staff support in 2 locations: £7,500


Living costs: £3,000


Living costs: £2,150


Extracurricular activities: £500


Additional activities: £1,500


Travel between University and home: £250


Return flights to location and travel to airport in UK: £1,000


Approximate Total Cost: £18,500 Approximate Total Cost: £18,000

What costs are involved, and when do they become payable?

The cost of your online course will depend upon your choice of University and course. This is likely to be around half the cost of studying at a traditional UK University.

Your course fees may qualify for a student loan. The amount will depend on personal circumstances and the course chosen. More details are available on the Government website ( )

You will need to be enrolled onto a course before you depart for your first semester.

Typical costs for your first South East Asia full-semester, based on Jan 2019 (with half-semester costs in brackets) are as follows:

  • A £50 reservation deposit will be required to secure your place on your semester. We suggest that you pay this as soon as you have chosen your semester as places will be limited.
  • £3,700 (£1,850) Global Grad fees to cover all accommodation, road trips, study hubs and support from the Global Grad team.
  • £2000 (£1,000) will typically cover the cost of general living and additional tours and activities. We recommend that our students have this available to them on an STA Travel money card.
  • A £49 reservation deposit will be required by STA travel to secure your preferred return flights at the best fixed price.
  • Up to £800 for return flights. This may vary based on time of booking.

Payment dates for South East Asia (January 2019) are as follows:

  • STA travel payments: (in addition to £49 reservation deposit)
  • 1st Nov 2018 – Balancing payment for return flights. This must be paid in full to secure the flights.
  • STA will give options regarding flexibility such as cancellation or change of dates.

Full-semester Global Grad fee options (with half-semester options in brackets):

  1. Choose to pay in full:   1st Nov 2018 – Balancing payment to Global Grad (in addition to £50 reservation deposit) £3,650 paid via online Bank Transfer or via PayPal.
  2. Choose to pay in four monthly instalments:
  • £50 reservation fee
  • 1st Nov 2018 – £900 (£450)
  • 1st Dec 2018 – £950 (£475)
  • 1st Jan 2019 – £950 (£475)
  • 1st Feb 2019 – £950 (£450)

Paid via online Bank Transfer or PayPal. Total charge £3,800 (£1,900)

Why not reserve your place now by placing a £50 deposit, using the PayPal link below:

What costs will be incurred, above the Global Grad fees?

These are likely to be:

  • Your online course costs, which will depend upon the course you choose to study. You may be eligible for a Student Loan to help pay for these fees.
  • The return flight-costs, to and from the semester; these will depend on the semester concerned – currently around £500 for South-East Asia January 2019 semester.
  • Visas, with costs depending on the semesters concerned.
  • Travel insurance, which will depend upon the level of cover you decide to purchase.
  • General living costs and spending money; we suggest that these should be covered by taking around £1,500 to £2,000.

What happens if I need to cancel before departure?

The initial £50 deposit gives you time to get your plans together. This is non-refundable and covers our admin fees should you decide to cancel. Flight costs and initial Global Grad payments for the semester are non-refundable once paid.

STA Travel offer a range of travel insurance policies. Your choice of policy may include cancellation cover.

Can’t find your question?

If your unable to find your answer or would like to discuss a question in more detail then please get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.

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